CBSL Celebrates 50th Anniversary

At this Golden Milestone, it is time to celebrate the past 50 years and look forward to the future of CBSL Transportation Services, Inc.  CBSL was born in 1972 based on the vision of Thomas C. Heaney its founder.  His vision was to provide an advanced and comprehensive approach to the bulk liquid transportation industry.  Thomas’s background in rail and bulk transportation helped spark the idea of what CBSL has become today.  In the early days, CBSL focused on tank trailers and then quickly identified the opportunity with ISO containers.  CBSL became the first Full-Service Depot in the United States for Tank Trailers and ISO Containers in 1980.  Later in 1990 CBSL expanded to IBCs.  50 years later CBSL has three Full-Service Bulk Transportation Operations in the United States.  We are close to announcing our 4th location.  Today, CBSL provides: Transportation, Cleaning, Repair, Testing, Sales & Leasing of Tank Trailers, ISO Containers, and IBC.  We provide the “ALL IN ONE STOP” solution for the Bulk Liquid Industry.  Tom’s energy, drive, and work ethic helped lay the foundation for a great company that thrives today.

Today, the company is owned by Thomas Heaney’s Daughter Tara Heaney – Moore and her Husband Jeffrey Moore.  Tara and Jeff have been instrumental in operating the business and have been part of CBSL for 29 and 28 years respectively.  “My Father’s passion for truly caring for all CBSL’s employees and taking the time to get to know them is deeply rooted in our commitment to CBSL,” Tara says.  CBSL is moving forward true to its core beliefs dedicated to servicing our customers through training and education of employees while stressing quality and safety in the workplace and recognizing our responsibility for the care in the protection of the environment.  We are excited about integrating cutting-edge technology for solutions to supply chain challenges.  We continually work to be leaders in our industry.  As we expand into new markets we will do so with a commitment to excellence.  CBSL would not be where it is today without the effort of each person involved in the company, past, and present.  Thank you to our Vendors, Customers, and Employees.  Happy 50th Anniversary!

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