Super Clean System


A Spotless Reputation for Tank Cleaning Services

CBSL Transportation services advanced tank wash system offers high pressure, low-volume cleaning. In our fresh water wash system, water and detergents are never recirculated. The result is the highest quality clean available in the industry.

Environmental Concerns Are Taken Seriously At CBSL. Our Liquid And Vapor Recovery Systems Meet Or Surpass All EPA And State Regulatory Requirements.

Water Quality

At CBSL, we have our own water pretreatment facility. First fats and oils are separated from the water. We then adjust the pH levels before a vacuum filtration system is deployed. The water is then discharged to the water treatment plant for final treatment.

Air Quality

With the most advanced equipment available today, CBSL’s vapor recovery system uses a vacuum purge during the entire cleaning process. This continuous purge forces the vapors to a Thermal Oxidizer with a 99.9% destruction rate. We then go the extra step with the use of Scrubber to remove Halogenated Compounds. This system provides a healthier environment and a safer workplace.

Equipment Serviced

  • Tank Trailers
  • IBC
  • Flexibags
  • ISO Containers

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